August 23, 2011

Oh how I miss you...


I'm NYC and here are just a few things I miss:
  • The people.
  • The cultural diversity.
  • The style. Everyone has style regardless if they have a "fashion sense" because in NYC, every one's personal style is considered "a style" without even trying. I love this!
  • The food. I'm even super excited about getting a bagel with creme cheese from one of the local street vendors tomorrow morning.
  • The smell of the subways. Weird I know. But, as I jumped on the 1 train and switched over to the express 2, I felt like I never I still live here and am a true part of the City. For a moment, I wished we still lived here...I wished I was heading home to our walk-up apartment....until I saw a mother carrying her infant stroller up the subway steps...yep...that all went away and I'm happy we're in Austin!
  • The buildings.
  • The architecture.
  • The history.
  • The crisp blue skies.
  • The flowers. I love that all the flowers at all the local markets. I wanted to grab a bundle for my hotel room when I was walking back last night. I stopped myself as I realized this may be a little much!
  • The weather. When I landed in NYC at 2:15 p.m., it was 77 degrees. It was 78 degrees in Austin when I left my house at 5:00 a.m. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. In Texas, you would not consider walking out of the house without shorts or a sundress on NYC, everyone is in jeans and cardigans. Oh so nice!
  • The shopping.
  • The friends. Looking forward to dinner with them tomorrow night.
  • The feeling you have when you're here. Indescribable!
  • The hustle and bustle.
  • The sounds. I slept with my window open last night and it was amazing! The sounds of the breeze between the buildings, the cars, the people talking/walking...I'm way up on the 16th floor and felt like I could hear it I was in the moment with all the sounds in the City.
  • The energy. This city makes me feel like there is still hope for this country....for this world.
I decided to do something different this trip. I'm staying at the World Trade Center. I've never stayed downtown but I'm absolutely enamored by it! As we are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, I feel so much staying here....being here! I think of all those lost and where we are today. How it's changed all of us who watched it on TV and those who lived through it. For the good....for the bad...I don't know...but we've all changed.

I truly love NYC!

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