August 25, 2011

It's all about the Texas tuxedo!

I'm dying to pull off the "Texas tuxedo" look this fall and winter. Bring on the cool weather because here I come. Now...when I say "Texas tuxedo", I'm not referring to this kind...

But, something more like this from The Satorialist.

Or, these looks from Free People.

I've also been on a hunt for the perfect fun ankle boot to spice up the good ol' Texas tuxedo and I'm loving these two options...actually obsessed with both of them....

I saw these Sam Edelman Petty animal print boot in the August issue of Lucky mag and fell in love with them.
Or, I'm also loving this stripe Jeffrey Campbell boot...literally LOVE!

Tough call on this one! And, my boot obsession continues....

On another note, if you're reading this blog, you know I've been in NYC this week. And, if you watch any TV, you know there was an earthquake on the East Coast this week. Yep! I experienced an earthquake....ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS!!!

This trip my client was on Wall Street right across from the Stock Exchange. We were on the 10th floor and all the sudden felt the building shake and keep shaking and keep shaking. I locked my eyes on my work colleague across the table and was thinking " this normal?" Then I realized it wasn't normal and my first thought was "It's a terrorist attack." I didn't think it was our building being attacked but I thought it may be a building close and we were feeling it but then my mind kept spinning..."What will happen next? What floor are we on? What do we do? Do we run downstairs? If we're not able, can we jump out the window if it is an attack? Not an option as we're on the 10th floor...WHAT DO WE DO???" After what seemed to be 20 + minutes but was probably only 20 seconds, my colleague said to me "This is not normal!". I just sat in silence thinking of my kids and family. We quickly found out it was an earthquake. Although I was relieved it wasn't a terrorist attack, I still was thinking I would rather be on floor 1 rather than floor 10 just in case there were aftershocks. I toughed it out and stayed but it took my heart about 1 hour to slow down and stop bouncing out of my chest. THIS my friends is an experience/feeling I will never forget!

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