August 12, 2011

Enamored by....

Today I'm enamored by the fact that I went to the doctor earlier this week for my much dreaded annual obgyn visit and an appointment that should have taken one hour took three hours. First off, I've been rescheduling this appointment since January. I know this because the last time I went for my regular post-having baby 6 month check-up, my doctor (whom I LOVE) basically DEMANDED that I stop breastfeeding as it was causing too much stress (if you remember, Gaines never latched so I was spending half my days pumping...going insane). She also demanded I come back in two weeks to confirm I had in fact stopped breastfeeding and for my annual. Since I didn't stop as ordered I continued to delay that appointment. Then, when I did stop (VERY hard decision and only stopped because my pump died and I thought it was a sign...even though I don't really believe in signs...I cried and cried), I continued to reschedule due to my busy work schedule. Little did I know it would only get worse!

So come Tuesday when I had an appointment scheduled, I yet again called to reschedule but they wouldn't let me. Yep! Basically, demanded I come in so I was forced to go....ARGH! The appointment was interesting to say the least. My blood pressure was so high that my doc walked in saying "What in the world is going on?" So I let it all insane, still no sleep, screaming kids, traveling constantly for work, traveling every weekend due to non-stop plans, etc. She spent the next hour lecturing me and telling me I have to get some things under control. She also confirmed that the light headed/nauseous feeling I get everyday is likely due to the high blood pressure. In addition to all this, I confessed that I was having baby fever....her eyes opened up very wide and she DEMANDED that I absolutely could not have another baby right now until something gives in my life and then DEMANDED I get on a birth control (I'm thinking she didn't trust me). Of course, since my blood pressure is so high, I can't be on a birth control so she is using another method. I'm telling you...she wasn't letting me walk out of that office without some sort of birth control! Finally, I had to get blood work done to see if something else is going on causing this blood pressure issue, fatigue and all the other.

So, that's what I'm enamored by this week...the fact that my health is now officially being affected (Or is it effected??? Never have been able to get this one straight.) by my very stressful life. Yet, I still have to go on with this life and meet the deadlines, wake up with the kids,'s not like I can just run away from all of it to take a sabbatical. BTW....when I was pushing for the 3rd child thing I told her..."Think about it...if I get pregnant then I know I have a 3 month sabbatical just around the corner (a.k.a - maternity leave) ...maybe that will help my stress"...she did not fall for that one. As a matter of fact, she looked at me like I was completely insane...frankly, I probably am!

Now, on a good note, I'm also enamored by this dollhouse...

Is this 1970s dollhouse rockin' or what?!?!?!? The artists/maker is Christopher Cole.

Lola is all about dollhouses right now. I'm dying to get her a fabulous house she can use to play with her Erikas. Lo has three dolls she named Erika. She's always looking for them saying "Where are my Erikas?". She also sleeps with them every night. The current dollhouse she has was a Christmas gift from her Tia Molly, Tio Ben and cousin Doss. I love this one because she was able to color and paint it to make it her own. However, the Erikas don't fit in this house.

I've been scoping this dollhouse from PlanToys for a while. Every time we go to my favorite baby/kid store in Austin, GaGa, Lola plays with it the whole time so I know she loves it too.

Now, what I would really love is for Clay to design and build her a groovy dollhouse but I'm not sure he has time on his hands to dedicate to this! In the meantime, I'll keep searching for the perfect dollhouse for Lo Bear!

Who knew the "enamored by..." theme could go in so many different directions!?!?!? I'M LLOOOVING IT!

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